Individual Art Therapy

Clinical Therapy for Individuals/Families

Group Art Therapy Sessions

Consulting & Collaboration

Theraputic Body Mapping

Individual Art Therapy Sessions

▼ Directive | structured approach: introductory art therapy activities and art directives carefully chosen to address your unique therapeutic needs and goals

▼ Spontaneous art making

▼ Dream Interpretation: A guided approach using art making and writing to Unearth the meaning behind your dreams

▼ Free 30 minute initial consultation (phone or Zoom)

Clinical Therapy Sessions

▼ Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD

▼ Treatment Aftercare | Recovery Management Coaching | Trauma Therapy

▼ Individual and Family Therapy

Group Art Therapy Sessions

▼ Open studio | Drop-in sessions (coming soon)

▼ Private bookings: Community | Non-Profit; Corporate | Workplace Team; other private groups

▼ Art therapy workshops for workplace teams

▼ Mobile art studio to provide art therapy services in your location

Consulting and Collaboration

Art Therapist / Clinical Therapist contracting, or support for projects and groups using your own art supplies

Therapeutic Body Mapping

This 2-day workshop is a mindfully guided art immersion in a safe environment for personal exploration, growth and reflection. Therapeutic Body-Mapping is an art and narrative therapy method which provides self-reflective tools that can be used to address a broad range of body concerns, such as trauma, illness, self-image, treatment and self-care. Participants create a body tracing and then respond symbolically to a sequence of directives focused on the body’s story in the context of where you come from, vision for the future, support, and symbols of strength.